Welcome to Goat.Chat!


  • With your IRC client, to irc.goat.chat
    • Port 6667 without SSL
    • Port 6697 with SSL (recommended)
  • With your browser, using Kiwi IRC


0750 CST: We're currently aware and working on the connection issues Goat.Chat IRC servers are having. We'll continue updating as more information becomes available.

0910 CST: Looks like the issue has been resolved and was due to a SSL cert on a primary network hub. We're making sure nothing else was impacted.


Here at Goat Chat, we pride ourselves in making a great effort at staying secure and up-to-date with stable, tested software. Several of our servers require maintenance in order to make some of these changes, so starting tomorrow (2/27/2016), we will be updating the servers with a variety of software and security updates. We expect this to take no longer than two hours. Before we start the updates we'll notify the network, and then the users on the servers that may be impacted.

As always, let us know in #help if you need anything. Happy chatting!


We're proud to announce the release of our new in-house project: web services. You can now login to https://services.goat.chat/ with your NickServ username and password and manage your account and any channels that you own or otherwise hold status for. Below is a list of most, but not all, of the current features.


  • Manage grouped nicks
  • View flags for each channel you have status in. You can click on the wrench to view and edit settings for the given channel, like:
    • View registration date
    • View/edit access lists
    • Set entry message
    • Set channel flags and mode locks
    • View/edit ban list
    • View current users in channel with ability to ban

Account Settings

  • Change password
  • Change email address
  • Change primary account name to another grouped nick
  • Set user flags

Contact Us

  • Send a message to GoatChat operators

Envelope Icon

  • Send and view MemoServ memos


  • View user records per-hour
  • View users per country (anonymous)
  • View users per client (anonymous)

This is a home-grown web app, so let us know if you find any issues.

Today Goat.Chat has officially merged resources with Hira, a network with primarily Spanish-speaking userbase, to become one network! Don't worry, nothing should look different–but performing a /list on the network will reveal some new channels. You can still connect to the network via irc.goat.chat or irc.hira.io, both will work. If you experience any issues, join #help and we will be able to help you through.

Comprehensive documentation on network services, like NickServ and ChanServ, are now available on our help page.

Account verification is now done by completing a CAPTCHA instead of the old email verification.

After much debate and deliberation between the Staff, Goat.Chat has adopted a set of rules.

We've been doing some great things in the backend recently.

  • You'll notice that Goat.Chat can be viewed via HTTPS at https://goat.chat
  • The Goat.Chat IRC Network now has the same level of SSL security as our website. To use a secure SSL connection on our IRC network, connect to us on irc://irc.goat.chat:6697
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