These rules are intended to be as nonrestrictive as possible. It is up to channel operators to determine additional rules for their channels. As an example, cursing is not restricted by the network but you may choose to enforce such a rule in your own channel. It will be up to channel operators to enforce their own rules.

Goat.Chat allows open and free discussion provided that the content is not illegal, including piracy. Users found to be violating this single rule will be permanently banned without question. There is no appeal process for these bans and they will not be overturned for any reason.

  1. Listen to and cooperate with staff. Staff members can be identified by their hostmask @goat-master/NICKNAME, @goat-helper/NICKNAME or @hira/staff/NICKNAME. You can find this by using /whois NICKNAME to confirm the authenticity of the user. Additionally, a list of staff members can be seen on the staff page.
  2. Respect and get along with your fellow users even if you have differing opinions.
  3. Do not brigade, troll, or otherwise spam channels. Organizing of these same tactics is discouraged on our network.
  4. “Doxing,” or publicly posting others' personal information without their consent, is strictly prohibited.
  5. Ban evasion on the network is prohibited. This includes channel and network bans.
  6. Please do not flood. If you are posting a large amount of information, use a website such as pastebin.
  7. Private logging is allowed; however, unless specified by the channel owner in the topic, there is to be no public channel logging.
  8. This list of rules is not exhaustive. Each situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis using these rules as a guide.
  9. If you need help, our network Operators and Admins are available in #help

Goat.Chat uses services (e.g., NickServ, ChanServ, etc.) to help users take advantage of the full potential of the network.

vHosts (aka hostmasks) hide your host domain (e.g. @net-q28z4.fios.verizon.net) from other users, and are available for registered nicknames. You can request a vHost by sending a private message to HostServ on the network (/msg HostServ REQUEST your.hostmask.here). To ensure your hostmask is accepted, please read the formatting guidelines below.


  1. must only contain:
    • alphanumeric characters ( A-Z, 1-9 )
    • dots ( . )
    • dashes ( - )
    • forward slashes( / )
    • (For example: some.vhost foo-bar.null looks/like/a/file/system);
  2. must not contain an @ (e.g., [email protected]);
  3. must not be an IP or IP look-a-like (e.g., 127.o.o.1);
  4. must not point to a website that you do not own; (e.g., google.com);
  5. must not contain the words forum, IRCop, Admin, network, goat-master, goat-helper, or any IRCop's nick;
  6. must not contain racist words (what is considered racist/derogatory is subject to discretion by staff);
  7. must not refer to other networks/spamming; (e.g., join.my.channel come.to.ircfoo.net)
  8. must not mimic government organizations (.gov, .gc.ca, NSA, etc.) or private organizations which have government affiliation (MPAA, RIAA, etc.).


Wait 7 days before requesting a new vHost.


Do not use vHosts to evade bans (doing so can lead to a network ban and a vHost ban).

A message from the staff will be sent on the network when there are updates to the rules. Additionally, changes to the rules will be listed temporarily below this text.

  • 8th February 2016: vHost rule #4 changed to allow vhosts that point to domains that the user owns.
  • 10th February 2016: vHost rule #8 added to disallow government and semi-related agencies from vHosts.
  • 12th February 2016: vHost rule #1 modified: A dot (.) is no longer a required character in vHosts.
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