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 +===== Registering a Nickname =====
 +==== Initial Account Registration ====
 +To register with the network services, type
 +> ''/​msg NickServ register <​password>​ <​email>''​
 +With ''<​password>''​ being your password and ''<​email>''​ your email address.
 +You'll receive a confirmation email with a command to verify your account. Once your account is verified you can [[vhosts|request a vhost]], [[grouping|group nicks]] and [[channel_registration|register channels]]
 +==== Identifying to Services ====
 +When you login to the servers after being disconnected you'll need to login, or identify, to the services to gain access back to your account. To do this, use the command:
 +> ''/​msg Nickserv identify <​password>'' ​
 +where <​password>​ is the password you used to register your account. ​
 +You are now authenticated to the services and can access the features to registered nicknames. ​
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