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Why Goat.Chat?

We follow the same philosophy as Voat and want a free and open community to discuss what's on our minds. We've created Goat.Chat as an extension to the Voat community, a time-tested and proven medium for real-time communication.


In an attempt to grow the community, Goat.Chat was developed and published to help subverses keep in touch with their users. We strive to keep the network in line with the same guidelines as Voat and have a vested interest in our users and services. Goat.Chat Staff come from several different backgrounds across many different cultures. We use secure servers across several countries to provide you and your users the best possible service and will continue to grow with our community.

If your subverse or group (regardless of its current location) is looking to use a chat or IRC, Goat.Chat is the best network for you. It's as simple as logging in, registering your channel and inviting like minded subscribers. Simply use our WebClient located in the navigation bar and click connect or point your favourite IRC client (IRSSI, hexchat, etc.) to IRC.GOAT.CHAT.

We look forward to chatting with you and are here to help you get started. Feel free to talk to any of the staff in channel #bah.

Happy IRC'ing!

How can I help?

Simply point your favourite IRC client to irc:// and join your favourite subverse's discussion or create your own.

  • Goat.Chat is currently looking for someone to donate their time to help with the web development aspects for the IRC network.

We're always striving to make our community better. If you feel you can help with something, feel free to talk to us in the official Network Channel #bah, or use the contact us page to get a hold of the appropriate person. Otherwise, please check this page often to find out how you can help!

Thank You!

-Goat.Chat Staff

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